Why Do People Hoard?

Hoarding is a mental disorder that is often caused by a deep emotional attachment to items. Hoarding can also be caused by things such as traumatic experiences, poverty, and depression. The disorder can be so severe that it can create safety risks for the person hoarding and their family.

What Can Families Do To Help People With Hoarding?

When it comes to helping someone with hoarding, it’s important to approach them with love and understanding. It’s also important that they understand that they need help. Families can work together to create a plan and set realistic goals for the hoarding situation. Professional help such as therapy and/or medication may be necessary to address underlying issues that are causing the hoarding behavior.

Why Is It More Cost Effective To Hire A Professional?

Hiring a professional is more cost effective because it doesn’t require multiple trips to the dump or storage units and there are no hidden fees for disposal or storage. When you hire a professional, you are guaranteed that all of the junk will be removed from your property quickly and safely, reducing stress levels for everyone involved. Furthermore, our hoarding service includes sorting, organizing, and disposal of unwanted items.

Which Areas Do We Service And What Services Do We Offer?

We service all of Hampton Roads, VA including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News. We offer furniture removal, electronic removal, couch removal, storage unit cleanouts, and garage cleanouts.
This man was trapped in his own hoarding mess so the family hired us to help!