Why you hire the pros to de-clutter your garage.

Your garage can easily become cluttered with items that are no longer being used. Every homeowner knows the struggle of wanting to keep their garage organized and tidy, but not knowing how to make it happen. The team at Pickup Man Junk Removal recently helped a customer in Poquoson VA clear out an incredibly full and disorganized garage, turning it into a clean and efficient storage space. This video is a perfect example of why homeowners should hire a junk removal company like Pickup Man to take care of their garage clear out needs.

Not only do our experienced professionals provide the manpower needed to quickly and efficiently clear out a cluttered garage, but we also take special precautions to ensure that all items are disposed of safely and responsibly. At Pickup Man Junk Removal, we understand the importance of preserving our environment while providing customers with excellent services at reasonable prices. We have been committed to these values since our beginning in 2021, when we started serving residents in Hampton Roads with 5-star customer service.

If you’re looking for tips on how to organize your garage for maximum efficiency, start by sorting through the items you want to keep and those you want to get rid of. Any unwanted items can be donated or recycled if possible; otherwise they should be properly disposed of by none other than Pickup Man Junk Removal. After this initial step is completed, consider buying some organizational shelving or bins where you can store smaller objects such as tools and cleaning supplies that might otherwise end up taking too much space on shelves or countertops. Installing wall hooks or racks can also be helpful for hanging heavier items such as bicycles or ladders without taking up floor space.

When it comes time for major cleaning projects such as clearing out an entire cluttered garage, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Pickup Man Junk Removal! Our experienced professionals are readily available Monday through Saturday from 8am-5pm for any questions about our services or your particular junk removal needs. We offer competitive rates and are happy to customize any job according to your budget and requirements – call (757)-354-2628 today for more information!

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