Basketball Goal Removal Gloucester County Virginia

Getting rid of a broken basket ball hoop can be a fairly simple task depending on it's location and what it has in the base of the basket ball goal. If you're ready to just have it taken care of by a couple of professionals then you're in the right place. You can give us a call or text here (757)-354-2628 or book your pickup here Book It!

How to remove a basket ball hoop

Basket ball goal is generally a straight forward process.

Just as a disclaimer, you do all this at your own risk. Hampton Roads Pickup Man LLC is not resposible for property damage, bodily injuries, or financial damage.Tools required:
  • If the basketball goal has water in it then either puncture the water reservior or simply unscrew the fill hole on the top of the base of the basket ball goal. If your basket ball hoop has sand in it then you're going to need a couple sets of hands to lift it into your vehicle of choice.
  • The base is really the only think you need to take to the landfill.
  • b if you have a pickup truck or box truck then you can simply load the basket ball hoop into the back of the truck and tie a orange flag to the end that overhangs.
  • If you don't have a pickup truck or box truck then you're in luck, your neighborhood scrappers are here to help, all you need to do is put the metal parts on the side of the street, It would need to be disassembled for them to take it.

Is there someone that can pick up a basket ball hoop for me?

There are plenty of companies that will pick up basket ball hoops but if you're in the Gloucester County area then our company, Hampton Roads Pickup Man will definitely be able to take care of that basket ball goal for you.

Book your basket ball goal removal here Book It!

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Basketball Hoop Removal In Gloucester County VA