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It’s a well known fact that mattresses get heavier with age. In addition to being large and awkward to move, they cannot be sold and are not accepted by all donation organizations. Hampton Roads Pickup Man can lift this burden off your bed and back. We can serve you six days a week offering same day and next day mattress pick up.

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    Can you donate mattresses?

    prefered mattress donation facility in Hampton Roads would be Peninsula Rescue Mission Thrift Store in Newport News, VA .only catch with donating a mattress is that the mattresses have to be pretty much pristine to donate. They won't take mattresses that have rips, stains or tears.your mattress has any of these defects it's best to leave it to the professionals like Pickup Man Junk Removal to remove the mattresses and dispose of it responsibly.

    Can you sell a mattress?

    Technically you can sell used mattresses in the state of Virginia but the mattress need to be thouroughly sanitized prior to sale but it's going to be extremly difficult to find a buyer for a used mattresses for good reason. Used mattresses can be a breeding ground for bacteria even if it's not visible to the naked eye.

    What should I do with an old mattress with bed bugs?

    Mattresses with bed bugs will not be accepted by donation organizations, and even some junk removal companies will not handle it. Hampton Roads Pickup Man is equipped to handle this task; just let us know when we call to confirm your appointment. (An additional charge will be applied for mattresses with bed bugs.)

    Are old mattresses recyclable?

    Yes, according to the Mattress Recycling Council, more than 75% of a mattress is made of recyclable materials. Steel springs can be recycled as scrap metal. Foam padding, wooden frames, and other parts can also be recycled.

    How It All Works?

    • 1. Get an Estimate either over the phone at (757)-354-2628 or get a free Instant Estimate here.
    • 2. Once you have a estimate, you we'll setup a appointment either through our Instant Booking system or we'll setup one up over the phone
    • 3. On the day of your appointment we'll let you know at least half an hour before we arrive when we're on our way.
    • 4. We'll remove the items you want removed from your space, and collect payment via Paypal, Credit Card with Square, Cash, Cash App, or Venmo.
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    How to dispose of a mattress yourself

    There is a couple different methods for mattress disposal.

    Just as a disclaimer, you do all this at your own risk. Hampton Roads Pickup Man LLC is not resposible for property damage, bodily injuries, or financial damage.

    How To Take Apart A Mattress?

    This doesn't even require a car

    Items you will need. If you already have these items, perfect but I have provided links to all these items.
    • First start by by cutting aroud the perimeter of the mattress. Being sure to cut all the way to the metel spring frame.
    • Then you can remove the the fabric around the mattress and remove the padding
    • Put the padding in the contractor bags and throw this in your local dumpster
    • The metal frame can be put to the curb and your neighborhood scrappers will take care of it.
    • if you live in an apartment where you have a centralized dumpster to put things in, you can put it next to the dumpster and your neighborhood scrappers will also take care of this. Though this isn't advised in most apartment complexes to place things next to the dumpster.

    Throw The Mattress In The Dumpster Whole?

    • This can be a option if your dumpster isn't full and your mattress is small.
    • The only problem being, mattresses do take up a lot of space which could be used for the intended purpose of the dumpster i.e. trash.

    Strapping A Mattress To Your Car or Truck?

    Items you will need
    • Tie Down Straps would not recommend rope
    • A vehicle to transport the mattress, this can be a car or a truck

    How to transport mattresses with a car

    • Have a friend or family member assist you in raising the mattress on top of the car, be sure to center the mattress on the top of the vehicle.
    • Take the first strap and runn it through the rear window and give it a good pull through the buckling mechanism and press down the buckle making sure the the strap is tight.
    • Then repeat this step with the front window, try to leave about nine inches between the edge of the mattress and the strap. You want it close but not too close. Wind can make these mattressed potentially fly up and hit a driver behind you.
    • After this you can bring this mattress to your local landfill or transfer station, depending on where you go, you may be charged extra for mattresses.

    How to transport a mattresses with a pickup truck

    • This one is a little bit simpler, if you just have a mattress and a long bed, you may not even need to strap down the mattress.
    • If you have both the box spring and the mattress or you just have a short bed, you'll need to use the straps to secure the load.
    • Take the straps and secure the mattresses on each end
    • after this, proceed to take the mattress to the nearest landfill, as mentioned above, there may be an additional fee for mattresses depending on your area.

    Hiring a mattress removal company?

    • Usually who ever delivers your mattress can also remove it at a fee.
    • Typically that ranges anywhere between $100-$150 to remove it and dispose it.
    • We have a better solution, we charge $75-$100 to remove your mattress from your home, with your mattress removal service, we also include the box spring for free if you would also like that to be removed.
    • We can also remove the whole bed as well, bringing your total to $100-$125, upstairs, downstairs, it doesn't matter.

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