Retail / Commercial Space Junk Out Newport News Virginia

Retail Store Clean Outs Newport News Virginia

Moving to a new store? Closing up shop? Getting rid of a few items or just retiring? We can take care of all of it. We have the ability to handle jobs big or small, whether it's a couple seasonal retail displays or a whole store, you can count on us to do the job.

Our experienced team can handle dismantling of product displays, metal displays will be recycled to potentially be made into new product displays or other metal items. We have tools and equipment specially designed to help move heavy/bulky furniture items from the store to the truck.

What can you do with seasonal retail displays?

The general consensus would be to break them down and put them in your designated dumpster but it always happens to be just when you really need space in your dumpster, it happens to be completely full. What do you do when your dumpster is full? Depending on who your dumpster provider is, they may have options to do a second pickup. The main issue you may run into is their availability or if they even offer such service. You can learn more about our dumpster clean out service here. Another option is to use a local, Newport News junk removal / hauling company like Hampton Roads Pickup Man. You can either email pictures to or text (757)-354-2628 to receive a free estimate! We offer same day and next day services so you can count on us to be there to relieve you of some stress.

What to do with old resuraunt appliances?

Depending on the condition of the appliance they may be able to be auctioned off or sold locally, if the capcity of your appliances are not suiting your needs as of now then it may be a good idea to either give them away to another local resturaunt or sell them. If the appliance is compltely broken, you may be able to call a appliance refirbishing company to pick it up but it's not a guarantee that they will pick it up depending on the condition. Another option is to hire a local, Newport News junk removal company like like Hampton Roads Pickup Man. You can Call (757)-354-2628 to receive a free estimate! We offer same day and next day services so you can count on us to be there to relieve you of some stress. If it's just a single item, you can pick from our list of appliances here

Restaurant Refrigerator and Freezer Pick Up Newport News Virginia

Have a broken freezer or refrigerator that you need to get rid of fast? We know that time is money and down time on something like a freezer or a refrigerator can lead to product spoiling. That's why we offer same and next day refrigerator and freezer pick up so you can get that old machine out of the way and make way for the new one! We charge $100 to remove commercial freezers and refrigerators, that's it one price. You can find more information about appliance pick up here. We also take things like rotisseries, combi ovens, stoves, and more.

Office space clean out Newport News Virginia

Whether you need a single desk hauled away or a whole office torn apart and hauled away, we have you covered. We can disassemble cubicals, desks and other office furniture to effectively move out of the space into our trucks to be either recycled, donated, or property disposed of.

Items we take

  • File Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Cubicals
  • Electronics such as printers, computers, copiers, etc
  • Vending Machines
  • Etc

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How It All Works?

  • 1. Get an Estimate either over the phone at (757)-354-2628 or get a free Instant Estimate here.
  • 2. Once you have a estimate, you we'll setup a appointment either through our Instant Booking system or we'll setup one up over the phone
  • 3. On the day of your appointment we'll let you know at least half an hour before we arrive when we're on our way.
  • 4. We'll remove the items you want removed from your space, and collect payment via Paypal, Credit Card with Square, Cash, Cash App, or Venmo.
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