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Moving pianos can be a difficult task due to their weight and unwieldy shape. Hampton Roads Pickup Man is equipped to handle this job with ease. Depending on the type of piano, we may be able to remove the piano in one piece, or disassembly may be required. Hampton Roads Pickup Man accepts all types of pianos, including variously sized grand pianos, upright pianos, and more. Give us a call or text here (757)-354-2628

  • Upright Piano Removal
  • Baby Grand Removal
  • Grand Piano Removal
  • Electric Organ Removal
  • Electronic Piano Removal
  • Where can I donate a piano?

    Here are some organizations that will pickup pianos for free.

    A lot of these organizations will pick up your piano for free if it meets their specific requirements. Make sure you're being truthful when filling out their questionnaires. Many of these free piano pickup companies will charge a trip fee if the piano is not as described or it has too many defects

    Do a Google search for "piano donation near me" if you'd want to keep your donation local. With your state or neighborhood, you should to be able to find a local program that will assist in donating your piano to a local charity, group, or senior living facility.

    How much does it cost to dispose of a piano

    For the companies in the area you'll see prices starting at $400 for even the smallest pianos. We charge $200 to remove baby grand pianos and upgright pianos. This price includes taking the piano out of the house and if the piano needs to be disassembled, that's also included.

    How much does it cost to move a piano?

    Moving a piano is extremely difficult and I wouldn't recommend anyone that doesn't know what they're doing to attempt it. With out the proper equipment you could end up causing hundred or thousands of dollars in damage. These piano weigh between 300lbs-800lbs and moving something that heavy through tight hallways or down stairs. If you decide to hire a piano moving company, you're looking at between $300-$3000 depending on the distance. We charge $200 to remove and dispose of the piano

    Is there equipment required to remove a piano?

    It's recommended that you purchase a furniture dolly so you can roll the piano easily over the floor and over smooth concrete. However with the piano weighing as much as they do, it's recommended that you purchase furniture dolly with large wheels if you have to clear things such as transistion strips or a rough drive way. We find that the Snap-Loc dolly works best for this

    How to dispose a piano?

    Equipment Required:Two people are required to remove a piano at minimum, three is recommended.Also, never attempt to move heavy furniture if you feel you're at risk for a back injury. Removing a piano can be a very dangerous task. Not only can lifting a piano be dangerous for your back, a piano weighing 300-800 pounds falling on you can serious lead to injury or in some cases death.Just as a disclaimer, you do all this at your own risk. Hampton Roads Pickup Man LLC is not resposible for property damage, bodily injuries, or financial damage.

    Here are the steps to remove a upright piano:

    • If you can lift one side of the piano on your own then have your partner put one of the furniture dollies under the piano on onside and once it's on there you will need to stablize the piano.
    • once you have one dolly under the piano you need to carefully move over the other side while stablizing the piano. Once you're on this side, repeat the same thing on the other side.
    • if your piano is too heavy for you yourself to lift up on one side, have a third person move the dollies into position
    • when both dollies are under the piano, slowly move the piano over to the door while stabilizing the piano. Once it's at the door, you can slide it over the door frame out of the door.
    • After it's out of the house, depending on where you placed your trailer, you will have to decide if you need to use the dollies or not.
    • Once the piano is in the truck make sure you have a location where you plan to drop it off at. Sometimes senior living facilities will accept pianos but there is also Pianos for Education wich is a organization that will accept all types of pianos. The quickest method would be to take it to the landfil.

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