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Take a look at that old ,moldy, rotting, shed in the back yard. Isn't it time you take it down and build a new one? But that can been dangerous and exhausting work. Wouldn't you rather hire professionals with the experience to take the shed down safely and properly. Hampton Roads Pickup Man is here to take down your nasty shed. Save your weekend for the important things. We take care of the demolition and hauling away the debris.

Shed Removal Cost?

Tearing down a shed can be dangerous, if you would like to hire a shed removal service, we're here to help. For a wooden shed our rates start at $500 but this is also the typical price. Factors like vehicle access, and type of wooden shed can increase the price. For your standard metal shed we charge $300. You'll see prices from our competitors upwards of $1000 for small sheds and they may not be able to arrive for weeks.

How to remove a shed

Demolishing a shed can be a very labor intensive task and it's best to be done with two people. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and ready to lay in bed all day the next day.

  • This is by far the least expensive method and leaves the parts flat, ready to efficiently load into a pickup truck or moving truck.
  • Tools Required
  • First you will need to cleanout the shed, if you just want to get rid of all the stuff in the shed, we can help Junk Removal Estimate
  • Start by tapping the prybar between the roof panels and the rafters and prying up
  • After all the nails in the rafters are loosened from the plywood, it should just need a few taps from the hammer. It's also useful to have a 2x4 handy to help you push the panels out. Now it's tempting to want to start with the walls first but starting with the roof allows the structure to be more stable while you're doing all this hammering.
  • Once you remove the roof panels, it's now safe to remove the walls in the same method as the roof, patients is key. Sure cutting the walls like in the video below seems easier, it leads to a lot of cleanup at the end.
  • After it's down to a bare frame without any panels, you'll be left with the front and back of the shed(if it's a standard wood shed). Don't worry about these, start by either prying up the roof rafters or cutting them off and throwing them into a separate pile. It's important to note. Make sure you put the 2x4s and plywood into separate piles this maximizes your load density, allowing you to make less trips to the landfill.
  • After the roof rafters are removed, you can then start removing the studs on the sides by giving them a hard tap towards the top or bottom.
  • After this, you'll be left with a center support(typically a double stud). You can either cut this or pry it off the front and back wall.
  • Then you will be left with the front and back walls, these can be removed can be removed by simply applying your body weight to the wall and pushing it over.
  • The foundation is the final section, for this, you're looking for the lip around the edge. You just have to go around the foundation and pry up each sheet of plywood with your prybar. Once you have that in your plywood pile.
  • After this, you'll be left with a support frame after the bottom which can just be broken up by tapping the studs at the bottom or top to break them free.
  • When you've finished all this, you'll be left with two separate piles, it's bests to load all the long flat pieces first. If you're just using a pickup truck, make that your first load. After all the flat sheets have been loaded, you can then load the 2x4s after you brake them down into straight pieces.
  • All that's left now is the clean up, you'll be left with some loose debris which can be be raked up into a pile and shoveled into a trash bin which can be loaded into your vehicle of choice.
  • This is by no means the only way to remove a shed, this is also a disclaimer stating that Hampton Roads Pickup Man LLC is not responsible for any injuries, property damage, or financial damage as a result of using this guide.

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