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Taking apart a trampoline isn't the most enjoyable task in the world but when your kids either get too old for it or move out then you're stuck with this massive eye soar in your backyard. If you need it gone, you have a couple options to get rid of the trampoline, one would be to follow out guide down below or give us a call to take care of it for you. You can either call or text this number (757) 354-2628 or instantly book a pick up here Book It!

How to take apart a trampoline?

Removing a trampoline can seem like a difficult task. I mean, it's such a large piece of equipment. In this short guide, I'm going to run through the steps involved in breakdown and disposal.

Just as a disclaimer, you do all this at your own risk. Hampton Roads Pickup Man LLC is not resposible for property damage, bodily injuries, or financial damage.Here are the tools required:
  • Start by removing the top spring cover from the trapoline, typically these are held in with strings attached to the hooks on the trampoline tarp. You can simply cut the strings. Once you've cut all the strings then you just have to disconnect both ends of the trampoline cover. which are also fastened with strings.
  • After you've finished this, you may have a net attached to the top of the trampoline which will need to be removed. This is also fastened to the trampoline with strings and also friction fitted to the frame of the trampoline.
  • When you've cut the strings attaching the net, you should be able to pull off the top net frame. Some trampolines have bolts attaching the top net frame which you will need your socket wrench to remove.
  • Once you've removed this, you'll now have better access to the springs. To remove the springs from the trampoline, put your screw driver in the hook of the spring, facing you and pull towards yourself while pulling up slightly.
  • b It should be noted that you should have a container to put the springs in.
  • Once you've removed all the springs, you'll be left with the trampoline tarp and the frame seperate from each other.
  • Go around the frame and take out any bolts that are preventing the frame from being pulled apart.
  • Once you're at this point most of the frame pieces should come right apart, if they give you any trouble use the hammer to loosen up the joints.
  • After this, the tarp and the pieces of padding and fabric can be cut and put in the dumpster and the metal parts can be put on the street for the neighborhood scrappers to take care of.

Is there someone that can pick up a trampoline for me?

There are plenty of companies that will pick up trampolines but if you're in the Hampton area then our company, Hampton Roads Pickup Man will definitely be able to take care of that trampoline for you.

Book your trampoline removal here Book It!

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