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Gettting rid of a old sofa can be pretty challenging, esspecially if it's a particularly large couch. Luckily we have easiest solution for you. We offer next day and same day(based on availbility) couch pick up in Williamsburg , VA.

How much does it cost to get a sofa picked up?

Couch / Sofa removal typically cost between $75-$160 based on numbers found on home advisor We charge $100 for a regular couch and sofa. $150 for sectional sofas. Give us a call (757)-354-2628 for next day and same day service(based on availbility) we haulaway couches so you don't have to.

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  • Where can I drop off old furniture for free?

    Many places like Goodwill, Peninsula Rescue Mission, CHKD, Salvation Army will take furniture and some will pick it up for free. But there is one issue, most of these organizations will have a very strict policies on furniture donations. Some, being: The furniture can not have any noticable scratches, rips or tears, stains, or chipping of the wood. If your furniture meets all this criteria, they will let you drop it off at their facilities.

    Getting rid of a old sofa?

    If you're planning to get rid of an old sofa you need to first asses your reason for getting rid of this sofa. Is the sofa damaged or stained in any way. If not, it may be best to have it picked up by your local thift store or charity. Be sure to ask the specifics of there pick up policies otherewise they may charge a trip fee if the couch doesn't meet their standards.

    typically they will ask:
    • Does the couch have noticable signs of wear such as tears, scratches, pealing in the case of leather sofas, or stains.
    • Is the couch structurally damaged in any way, missing feet or cracked frame.
    • Last, they'll usually ask if it has any noticable odors or smells.
    If you said no to all of these, they should pick it up, once again, be sure to check with the thift store or charity what their policies are specifically.

    If your sofa has any of these defects then it may be best to hire a professional junk removal service to remove the sofa and dispose of it responsibly. We offer next and same day based on availbility, we haulaway old furniture so you don't have to. Give us a call here (757)-354-2628

    Can you recycle a couch?

    Couches can be recycled but that depends on the type of couch and whether the couch was well kept, furniture that classifies as bedding such as couches, love seats, sections and of course beds tend to be a breeding ground of bacteria which can potential spread diseases. Typically with couches, the way to recycle a couch is really to upcycle the couch by replacing all the upolstry on the couch which can be an expensive process. While some couches contain a metal frame or are reclining. Which metal parts are 100% recyclable. Metal parts can be melted down to create new metal. The wood framing can be removed and turned into mulch for a garden or turned into wood pulp for paper but the small amount of wood in a couch would really suprise you. Also the process of removing all the tiny staples and nails from a couch's wood is extremly tedious. Your best bet is to donate the couch or have someone pick it up to dispose of it properly if it's not able to be donated.

    Can I leave my couch by the dumpster?

    It's definitely not recommended you leave that your couch next to the dumpster. The apartment management will typically has to hire a third party like us to remove the couch. And there are typically fines associated with dumping bulk trash near a apartment's dumpster , up to $250 in some places . It's an even bigger problem if you dump a couch next to a dumpster of a business or place in which you do not reside. Depending on the city you live in, there could be up to a $500 fine associated with illegal dumping on private property.

    Where can I throw away a furniture?

    If your furniture is lightly used and you just need to get rid of it, consider donating it. But if it's pretty well used or made from press board / particle board then it's not likely that someone is going to pick it up, in that case it's best you dispose of it responsibly. Disposing of a couch or a piece of furniture responsibly is necessary to keep our environment clean.

    Here are a couple places near Williamsburg that accept couches and large furniture

    Most of these are free for residents of the city.

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