Furniture Removal Yorktown Virginia

Removing old furniture from your home or business can be challenging, and Hampton Roads Pickup Man is here to help. We remove furniture of all sizes and load it onto our truck. Get a free Instant Estimate here!

We donate furniture back to our local community through locations such as Goodwill and DAV. We also do our part in practicing environmental consciousness by recycling furniture items wherever possible.

What can I do with old furniture?

If your old furniture items are no longer bringing livelihood to your household or office, there are many options for reuse which can benefit yourself and others in your community. It is difficult to recycle wooden furniture made with treated wood, so wooden furniture can instead be finished, polished and repainted to look fresh and new again. There are lots of creative ways for upcycling and repurposing dressers, tables, chairs, and other furniture items.

What is the best way to get rid of furniture?

While it is possible to move old furniture yourself or with a friend, it can be very difficult and strenuous. Many people do not have the space in their vehicles to bring furniture items to a donation center or for recycling. Curbside pickup can be unreliable depending on where you live. Some cities and neighborhoods only pick up on one day a week, or restrict certain items. With Hampton Roads Pickup Man, you can save the hassle and save your back, and we remove furniture six days a week. Get a free Instant Estimate here!

Furniture removal services we offer in Yorktown Virginia

Hampton Roads Pickup Man removes furniture of all sizes including:

How It All Works?

  • 1. Get an Estimate either over the phone at (757)-354-2628 or get a free Instant Estimate here.
  • 2. Once you have a estimate, you we'll setup a appointment either through our Instant Booking system or we'll setup one up over the phone
  • 3. On the day of your appointment we'll let you know at least half an hour before we arrive when we're on our way.
  • 4. We'll remove the items you want removed from your space, and collect payment via Paypal, Credit Card with Square, Cash, Cash App, or Venmo.
  • Get An Estimate

Outdoor & Patio Furniture Removal Yorktown Virginia

Whether in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, removing outdoor furniture can be a troublesome task.. Hampton Roads Pickup Man is always prepared to help remove and load all kinds of outdoor furniture, in all weather, six days a week. Get a free Instant Estimate here!

What can I do with old furniture?

Depending on the condition and exposure to the elements, outdoor and patio furniture may be donated just as indoor furniture may.

What kind of outdoor and patio furniture does Hampton Roads Pickup Man remove?

Hampton Roads Pickup Man removes outdoor & patio furniture of all sizes including:

  • Patio Tables, Patio Chairs. Patio Bar Furniture
  • Benches, Picnic Tables
  • Barbecue/BBQ Grills
  • Speakers, Sound Systems

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